Howell, MI

For that stylish and fashionable look, we offer a full-service pet salon 6 days a week! 

PetXtras opened its doors in January of 2008. As a People's Choice winner for Livingston County, we provide the finest professional grooming services and utilize the latest state-of-the-art equipment to make sure your pet's grooming is as stress-free as possible. Our trained and courteous staff offers you the finest in dog and cat grooming services. At our specially equipped facility, we will take your pet from tub to trim.

We use all-natural, biodegradable, paraben, and sulfate-free products such as Earthbath, Bobbi Panter, Nootie, and Hansen's, just to name a few, because they are safe for pets and the environment.

Part of our grooming service is to check the condition of your pet's skin, eyes, ears, and teeth. We can alert you to symptoms of common medical problems so you can consult your vet early on. We do not up-charge for basic things like cleaning ears, trimming nails, or expressing anal glands when your pet is groomed.

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We offer a variety of specialty services! Check out our grooming menu below.

Basic Bubble Bath

Starting at $25.00 and up - Smooth/Short Breeds

For the pet that needs a little refreshing. We begin with a basic warm bubble bath, check and express anal glands if necessary, massage and blow-dry. We will then brush out your pet, trim the nails, and clean your pet’s ears. We'll trim around your pet’s feet, sanitary areas, and eyes. We then finish off with a bow or bandana and a spray of cologne.

Deluxe Bubble Bath

Starting at $35.00 and up - Long Hair/Large Breeds

This service begins with a Basic Bubble Bath and a full breed specific trim or a trim tailored to your pet’s needs.

Ultimate Spa Package

$20.00 add on

This package can be added to any of the above Bubble Baths! Your pet’s stay in our salon begins with a luxurious warm bubble bath selected by our pet professionals specifically for your pet’s coat and skin type, followed by a Spa Fresh facial scrub made with the finest botanical plant and flower extracts to remove dirt, tear stains and exfoliate the skin while being easy on the eyes. A luxurious re-moisturizer treatment to further soothe and rehydrate your pet’s skin is then applied. This is followed by a warm blow dry with our high-efficiency dryers that will remove the toughest undercoat. Nails are then filed to prevent scratches (on both you and hardwood floors) and teeth are brushed followed by a refreshing breath spray for kissable fresh breath.

Flea Funeral

$20.00 add on

This add on service is popular during the warmer months when fleas and ticks are at their worst. To rid your pet of those pesky pests we include an instant relief spray followed by a warm flea and tick bath designed to soothe irritated skin. After a blow-dry and groom, we will apply a long-lasting (1 month) spot-on treatment to help keep your pet flea-free! Remember, this package should be supplemented with an ongoing in-home flea treatment. Consult your groomer for more information on keeping your home (and pets) flea free. NOTE: Tick removal is a small extra charge depending on infestation.

Revitalizing Paw Treatments

$15.00 add on

Treat your pet to a respite of tranquillity and splendor with SPA Bubble Bath for paws! Your pet will be surrounded by moisturizing bubbles and accented vitamin enriched bath oils to soothe their paws. Our pet professionals will then massage with lotion to protect dry, cracked pads, and brittle nails. Nail polish is optional.


$20.00 add on

Your pooch's pampering will start with a remarkable conditioning shampoo that is effective at reducing excessive shedding. Our Shed Free shampoo is enriched with conditioners, wheat proteins, aloe vera, and other botanicals to restore and repair the skin and hair follicles. We will then apply The Solution (by FURminator) followed by a warm rinse. Our high-efficiency dryers are effective at removing loose and dead hair. Your pet professional will then FURminate your pet to help further eliminate undercoat and loose hair. Topped off with a coat brush.

Salon Singles

  • De-matting: $20
  • DeSkunk Service: $20
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment $8
  • Ear Maintenance: $8
  • Express Service (anal glands expressed) : $15
  • Facial: $8
  • Flea & Tick Bath: $10
  • Hand Stripping: $70/hour
  • Nail Trim (any pet): $10
  • Nail Filing (any pet): $12
  • Nails & Ears: $15
  • Oral Hygiene (brushing & breath spray): $12
  • Toothbrush: $5
  • Pawlish: $5
  • Special Shampoo (add on w/ groom): $5
  • Wing Trim (small bird): $10
  • Wing Trim (large bird): $15
  • Foot Trim (small/medium): $10
  • Foot Trim (large/extra large): $15
  • Top Knot w/ Bow: $4
  • Cat Nail Caps (add-on with nail trim): $10