When you get a new dog, one of the first things you may want to teach him is to come back to you. Hollering "sit!" as he runs in the other direction won’t do much good. Trying to chase him might be great for exercise, but not for your nerves. Below are some steps you should take to train your dog to come back to you:

Get some treats

Just like many other dog training techniques, this one involves association. Try to find a treat that your new friend really likes. A good treat can be used in many aspects of training for your pup.

Start small

Starting in the house, call your dog’s name. When he comes to your feet, give him the treat and some praise. Keep this up until you feel your dog has really gotten used to it.

Move it outside

Now that you feel your dog has progressed, it’s time to take him to a secure outdoor location. Try to find a good spot where you know he can’t get out. Let him run around and once he is paying more attention to the area than he is to you, call his name just like you did indoors.  When he raises his head and looks at you, say "good boy" and show him the treat. He should come running over. When he gets there, reward him with the treat and a lot of praise.

Putting it all together

After doing this process for a while, you may become confident that your pooch will come to you in any circumstance. Don’t let him off the leash unless you are absolutely sure he will come back. Chasing your dog everywhere is not a fun experience, so be sure that he has full understanding of what you want him to do.