Grooming Policies at Pet Xtras Grooming and Training

  • Your pet's health and safety come first!

  • Nail trims are done on a walk-in basis between 10 am and 5:30 pm Monday - Saturday

  • Appointments are required for all full-service grooms

  • It takes a lot of work to become a professional groomer. When you find one that pleases you, don’t take them for granted.  Be respectful of their time, be on time for your appointments, and if you must cancel try to give 24hr advanced notice.  This allows them to fill your slot with another customer so they won’t lose income.  Many good groomers have a waitlist of customers wishing to get their pet in if there is a cancelation.

  • We do reserve the right to charge a “NO CALL, NO SHOW” fee of $25.00 for those who are disrespectful and will be added the next time your pet comes in for grooming.

  • Although many pets behave very well for grooming, there are those who do not. All animals have different personalities like us, and we welcome this.  However, for the safety of both Pet and Groomer, we will not provide services for any aggressive animals and we reserve the right to refuse or turn away service.

  • Everything we do here at Pet Xtras is for your pet, and always in their best interest.  We are completely against animal cruelty to animals.  Therefore we have a “no de-mat” policy.  If there are a few mats here and there, we can usually get them out pretty easily with no discomfort to your pet. If extra dematting is involved beyond the normal scope it will cost $1.00 a minute. However, if your dog has severe matting (per our professional opinion), the hair will be shaved off.  We will always attempt to keep as much length as possible while getting the mats off safely and humanely.

  • Grooming prices are based on the breed, the size, the type of hair, and the condition of the coat. Please call us at (517) 546-3595 and we will be happy to give you an estimate! Remember without seeing your pet, your price is only an ESTIMATE your groomer will advise you of any changes when you drop your pet off for grooming.