Four Leaf Rover Bovine Colostrum for Dogs

Four Leaf Rover

Ethically sourced Bovine Colostrum from 100% Grass-Fed New Zealand cattle.

  • Seasonal allergy support
  • Supports a healthy immune response
  • Supports a healthy gut

Nature's Immunity

Bovine Colostrum is Mother Nature's miracle. This first milk from nursing cows naturally provides the building blocks for a healthy gut and immune response.

  • Supports a healthy gut: Provides IgA antibodies for a healthy gut lining.
  • Immune support: Provides proline-rich polypeptide and lactoferrin for a balanced immune response in dogs with seasonal or environmental allergies. 
  • Ethically sourced: Our small farmers make sure the calves get all the colostrum for the first 12 hours. This ensures the calves get the immune support they need before the colostrum is collected to share with dogs. 
  • 100% grass-fed: Our super premium colostrum comes from pastured cows in pristine New Zealand.
  • Third party tested: Every batch of colostrum is 3rd party tested to be free of growth hormones and antibiotics.

Premium Ingredients

rBGH-free bovine colostrum

Bovine colostrum, the first form of milk produced by cows immediately after giving birth, is rich in antibodies, growth factors, and nutrients, offering potent immune-supporting properties. It supports the gut lining and maintains gastrointestinal health.

Bovine colostrum can also benefit skin health due to its high content of growth factors, such as insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) and transforming growth factor (TGF), which support healthy skin cells. Its natural antibodies and lactoferrin also support a normal inflammatory response in the skin.

Feeding Directions

Give Four Leaf Rover Bovine Colostrum once or twice a day. Colostrum should be given away from meals but can be mixed in a little broth or kefir.

Net Contents: 1.16oz (33g)

Body Weight

Amount Per Day

Daily Cost

1-30 lbs 1/16 tsp daily $0.15/day
31-60 lbs 1/8 tsp daily $0.29/day
61-100 lbs 1/4 tsp daily $0.58/day
101 + lbs 1/2 tsp daily $1.17/day

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